Voltage Spike Protector/ Surge Protector - Gallagher Electric Fence

Gallagher Voltage Spike Protector/ Surge Protector


  • $26.99
  • Save $13

Protect your 110V AC Gallagher Fence Charger!

This model saves space by plugging directly into the wall. 


The SPIKECUBE Surge Suppressor from Tripp Lite is a direct plug-in suppressor providing protection on one AC outlet. Its small size makes it ideal for protecting laptop computers, projectors and other portable electronics. A green "Protected" and red "Grounded" LED illuminates to indicate that adequate surge suppression is available. The unit has 600 joules of surge energy absorption

  • 1 outlet; direct plug-in
  • Surge energy absorption: 600 joules; 6,500 amps
  • Diagnostic LEDs indicate protection present (green) and ground present (red)
  • Lifetime product warranty


    • Light ON indicates full spike protection
    • Light OFF means there is no power at AC outlet or you need to replace the protector

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